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The Difference between DUI and DWI Laws in Dallas

Most of the times, understanding the concept of these laws becomes difficult. Aside from getting auto insurance in Dallas, which is a prerequisite, one has to comprehend fully the meaning and fundamentals components of Dallas laws. As these terms are not interchangeable, it is important that you employ an eminent lawyer who can help you to distinguish them. This article will lighten up both laws individually and aid you to understand the terms..

To start with, there are many fundamentals of DUI law in Dallas. Since 21 years is the legal drinking age, a defendant who drives a car in public places while under the influence of alcohol is automatically subjected to this law. Once they are detected with a specific percentage of alcohol, drivers are given appropriate punishments. Since, A DUI law is a C class unlawful activity, punishments depend on the frequency of the violation. A first time violation may cost you $500. Your driving license can also be suspended and be subjected to community service sentence.

On the other hand, DWI law in Dallas is more severe if you are found violating this law. Since this law applies for those above 21 years of age, the penalty is greater. DUI laws hold for immature drivers who tend to entertain themselves as smart fellows. This law is taken extremely serious in Dallas, as it is a matter of discipline for adults. Repeated offenses must be taken seriously. The extent of fine and other punishments are properly measured by the state. The method is simply called as BAC or “Blood Alcohol Content” score. The law enforcement authorities stop vehicles, which are not following the rules or over speeding. A breathalyzer test is then carried out where the alcohol concentration in blood is determined. If you have more than 0.08% amount of alcohol, you will be subjected to DWI laws. DWI laws are classified as class B wrongdoing, where in Dallas; a driver can be arrested with the minimum confinement of 72 hours. For the first offense, if BAC is above the limit, you are given a $2000 fine with the suspension of driving license, minimum 6 months of imprisonment, and a further $1000 to revive your license.

Remember that auto insurance in Dallas rates also increase once a traffic violation has been done. Start preventing this by inquiring more about these laws. You can visit for further information.