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Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Insurance in Dallas

Why do I need an auto insurance policy?
If you own and drive a car in Dallas without buying insurance for it, you are welcoming lots of trouble. As per Dallas law, every car owner must have an insurance policy. If a traffic officer asks for it and the driver fails to show the papers, the car can be confiscated. Once insurance policy paper works are revealed to the authority that is the only time the vehicle will be released. Hence, it is crucial to apply for car insurance. It does not only offer mental stability for car owners, but can aid in case of emergency.

In case of comparative negligence, who makes the decision that the driver is to be blamed? Accidents happen usually due to the cruel law of comparative negligence. The law states that the drive must pay 20% for the damage caused to other cars. Any typical individuals cannot argue with this rate, as it is decided through legal proceedings and a judge agrees with this decision.

What factors can affect my auto insurance policy application?
Numerous things can affect to the impression of the insurance agents. Several factors like the driver’s age, type of vehicle, driving record and geographical location can affect in reducing the premiums. Your current employment can also contribute towards a reduced premium, as there are companies of auto insurance in Dallas that offer discounts for various professions.

What can greatly increase the insurance premiums?
The most crucial factor that can affect your auto insurance application is your driving record. A clean, perfect, and accident-free record makes the greatest impression on insurance agents. Additionally, your car insurance premium will be low. In case the driving record is filled with traffic violations and road accidents, you will likely pay more.

What is a no-fault insurance?
A no-fault pact is included in a comprehensive auto insurance policy. This pact is beneficial for drivers regardless who caused the accident. In several associations, the term includes personal injury protection and medical payments.

Will the auto insurance company repair my car with original parts or general spare-parts?
Most of the companies of auto insurance in Dallas use general parts for replacement to save more money for clients. However, auto insurance policy holders can specify with the insurance company whether to have the car parts replaced with general parts or with the original ones. Insurance policy holders must bear in mind that if original parts are used for replacement, the insurance premiums can increase rapidly.

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