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Field Sobriety Test for Drivers Under the Influence

It is not always essential for a driver to drink alcohol to be called a drunken driver. A person who has consumed illegal drugs before getting in the car can also be called drunk driver. Alcohol is not regarded as a socially accepted drink. In most countries, people tend to drink from small to a heap amount of alcohol in parties or huge gatherings. Only drink the amount of the alcohol one could decently carry even when driving.

According to the Dallas laws, if someone is caught with illegal drugs or harmful agents that are detected inside their systems, they are subjected to punishments. Their driver’s license can be suspended, and they can be sent to jail temporarily. Apart from these, DUI laws can be even merciless than you can imagine. Being arrested in Dallas brings a lot of trouble to the subjected person. Once you are arrested, not only you have to take extra time to attend the court, it is also possible to be sentenced to jail. In short, DUI laws can completely adhere to one’s mental peace and social standing.

Aside from having car insurance in Dallas, it is also important to have the basic knowledge regarding DUI laws and its limitation before planning to drive your car. Dallas might have one of the toughest DUI laws, but people still do not understand them properly. Hence, they do not know how to response and act once they are inquired about DUI laws. During the DUI inspection, the initial step is called field sobriety test. Traffic police employs this in order to determine the amount of alcohol a driver is under. The limit of alcohol in the blood is about 0.08%. Nevertheless, if you are a public or commercial driver, this limit decreases to 0.04%.

A normal field sobriety test is consisting of three steps. The first step is the horizontal gaze test, which is used to find out if there is any visual disorder. Next two steps are the walk and turn test plus the one leg stand where the physical irregularity of the driver is being examined. The police officers never consider these physical impairments if you are not under the influence of alcohol. In this case, you can refuse to take the test. In front of drunken driving defense attorney, a field sobriety test is presented after the case is decided.

If you cannot defend your case, you have to undergo the severity a DUI law brings. You have to spend at least 10 days in jail and pay for a $250 fine.

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