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DMV Dallas’ Decision on Implementing Stricter Rules

Texas has the largest land mass than other US state and considering its stricter guidelines, it’s never easy to obtain driving license in Dallas. Even with a separate department for issuing driving permit, known as Driver License Division Office, the struggle is still there for the applicants.  Requirement in obtaining a new driving license is for it to be expired. Students and navy officers may be exempted from this rule, but tourists hitting the highways of Dallas are obliged to follow this.

BuyDallasAutoInsuranceOnlineThe Matrícula Consular de Alta Seguridad, or simply Matriculas, is the identification card issued by the Government of Mexico to its citizens living outside the country. These cards were used to have fake driver’s license. After thorough investigation, the state’s license division board has observed that fake driver’s license card was used by many out-of-the-state and even local drivers. It has significantly brought economic crisis in US and to its transportation division.
The counties and auto dealers would be the most affected by it. Registration process is very essential and has to be followed to obtain Dallas driving license with the approval of Dallas DMV. Texas DMV Board has also eminent role in this crisis,and that affects thousands of auto dealers and counties. In this case, the Dallas County Tax Assessment and Collection Department are strongly opposing to withdraw this resolution, as it will highly affect several other counties and immigrants applying for vehicle’s license. The total sum estimated to be affected with the board’s decision is $3.1 million and it might result of more losses.

Earlier, the rules implemented by the land and transport department had adversely affected car drivers since extremely strict rules must be followed. Moreover, out-of-state movers who had recently hit the roads of Dallas are needed to be more careful since cops are always on the lookout. For that reason, it is worth for them to go through driving instructions like what DMV of Dallas is implementing when travelling in Dallas roads and highways. The decision to provoke fake license that grants access was implemented by the DMV board itself without any prior consultancy form the judiciary and legitimate boards. The decision highly affects the economic and business sector of the state. Even the legislature is against the resolution. Nevertheless, they cannot afford to have this decision create a negative impact in the state’s business sector. Fake driving licenses were mainly implemented for immigrants from Mexico. Therefore, the Dallas DMV has ordered that no fake Mexican driving license will be issued from now on.

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